She makes some extraordinary things to be with him. And it might sound really stupid, but that’s something she really can’t control. She just needs to be next to him. It’s not rare those times when she doesn’t even need to talk to him, ‘cause only to be in the same room works for her. So, in order to get his companion, she lies and does wrong things. And when she does those horrible stuff imagining that she’ll get him closer and he just doesn’t show up or stays for two minutes and goes away to do his – more important – things…well, that’s when she realizes that she’s the only one in this ‘relationship’ that cares. So she has the clearest picture of the situation: He just doesn’t give a shit. So, when it happens (and I may assure you: that’s pretty often) she takes the bus and, on her way home, instead of reading her really important books, she listens to her iPod and, when doing that, chooses the most dramatic, romantic and ridiculous songs ever. Sometimes she sheds some tears and, when she can’t control herself, cries like a baby. But most of the times she just gets really mad at herself, at him, at them. Unfortunately, she already got used to conclude that there isn’t a ‘them’, not at all. So she gets really pissed and decides to stop giving him any attention. Knowing that the best option is to take care of herself, she sets her free to meet other people, someone that cares, just for a change. And, believe it or not, it works. Always. She starts to ignore him. And that’s great. It’s a victory! She starts to get convinced that she can, actually can, be happy without him. But something stronger, that no one can explain, just ends up making them meet again. When that happens, well, that’s when her entire world just falls apart. Again. He seems to be the most caring, sweet and amazing person on earth. Again. He’s just so intelligent (you might know what I mean and what it does to a woman) and he has something really hard to find in an ordinary guy: he makes her smile. Like no one else does. She hates that just as much as she loves that. So, it just starts the whole mad cycle again. Lying and doing wrong things, chasing the guy, being ignored, crying, going crazy, starting to care more about herself, remembering the reasons why she fell in love – once again – to the idiot one. Falling in love again, lying and doing wrong things, chasing the guy…well, I suppose you got it. It never ends. Love is stupid and pretty dumb.